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Teaching at VIPKid is a little different from what many people may have experience in school either as a student or teacher. Students at VIPKid take two types of courses: Major Course (MC) which are leveled 1 through 7 and supplemental courses (which focus on language deficits such as reading and grammar). All the course material is based on a combination of standards such as TEFL and US K12 Common Core. The classes are 25 to 28 minutes long and center around 19 to 41 slides (think PowerPoint) which both the student and teacher interact. The classes are online, and the teacher and student communicate through a video chat platform (think Skype with a chat box). VIPKid acquires the students and VIPKid teachers teach the lessons.

The Approach

The classroom approach is a one-to-one, teacher-to-student approach where the student receives a 25-minute interactive personalized lesson. VIPKid provides the curriculum and lessons. VIPKid prepares the lesson slides that the teacher utilizes throughout class.

The teacher’s main responsibility is to teach the lesson, keep the student engaged, and ensure the student is meeting the lesson objectives. Teachers are expected to be friendly and engaging.

VIPKid expects teachers to move, utilize TPR (total physical response), and utilize props to make the lessons interactive and fun for the students learning English as a second language. The younger students should be engaged, and the older students should be talking as much as possible in English.

VIPKid emphasizes phonics, especially synthetic phonics. The students are taught to blend sounds to form words. There is a focus on vocabulary and grammar. The students are constantly being encouraged to speak English freely and with understanding. The older kids are encouraged to read aloud in English and demonstrate comprehension. Many lessons focus on math, science, and social studies.

The Major Course (MC) material is level 1 to 7. Level 1 are the very beginners of English and level 7 are the older students who are preparing for their high school exams. Supplemental course material is also offered through VIPKid and these materials focus on certain deficits that students need additional work in such as reading and grammar.

Example class

Here is a short clip of various teachers teaching different classes. The approach to the class varies per teacher but this should give you some understanding of what the classes are like.

Just watch

The lessons are the same for all teachers but as you can tell from the above video clip the teachers are free to utilize their style and teach according to their comfort level.

Prep and Teaching Resources

As mentioned above, VIPKid provides the curriculum, lesson, and lesson slides. Teachers are not expected to lesson plan. Teachers are expected to know what is in the lesson and plan any props they might use for certain slides but that is the extent of lesson prep for the teacher. In the beginning, new teachers tend to spend more time prepping because they are not as familiar with the lessons. But as a teacher teaches more lessons, the prep time decreases because most of the lessons follow the same format and many lessons cover the same subject material.

Teachers can still utilize their own style and creativity when teaching a lesson. The video referenced above demonstrates that. Teachers are free to add extra activities and games to enhance the lessons if they chose as long as the slides are used, and lesson objectives are met.

Most teachers, once they are comfortable with the platform, spend less than 10 minutes per day prepping for lessons. The only additional time you might spend outside of class besides prep is writing student feedback for the parents. This can take a little time if a student has learning needs. Feedback must be provided after every class on every student and it must be done within 12 hours to get full pay for the class.

Student Learning levels and supplements

Major course (MC) is divided among levels. There are seven levels with level one being beginners and level 7 being advanced English speakers. The demo and mock lessons that prospective teachers must do in order to be hired are based on the MC leveled classes.

VIPKid teachers can teach supplemental and trial classes as well.

New hires are usually certified for 1 or 2 levels when they are hired and then can add additional levels as they teach.

Final Thoughts

VIPKid teachers spend most of their time teaching. They spend very little time outside of class with prep and feedback which means that most of the time on the platform is paid time. This is a major plus for working VIPKid. VIPKid provides the lessons and teachers just teach.


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