How to get a raise at VIPKid?

This post will discuss how a VIPKid teacher can get their base rate increased. All VIPKid teachers have a starting rate of $7 to $9 per class. How can a teacher get that that starting rate increased once they start teaching? In short, it isn’t easy.

VIPkid will give a base pay increase of $0.50 per class after one year of teaching, when you are signing your 3rd contract but the criteria for getting the raise is difficult, especially if you work part-time for VIPKid.

The Official Criteria from VIPKid

Teachers may only qualify for a $0.50 USD base rate increase every two contracts – if these conditions are met.

The ‘Base Rate Adjustment’ process will depend on 2 key criteria related to the previous 12-month period:


  • A point-based system that takes into consideration 5 indicators
  • The teacher’s base rate before renewing the contract

There are 5 indicators that VIPKid will consider for a ‘Base Rate Adjustment’. Each indicator will be calculated into the ‘Base Rate Adjustment’ and will depend on the total amount of points from the last 12-month period.

One of the indicators is compulsory. The number of finished classes needs to be higher than 1,200 in the previous 12 months, in order to be eligible for a raise

Points accumulate according to the following table:

So what does it mean?

In order to get a raise you must:

  1. Work for VIPKid for at least one year
  2. You must teach 1200 classes and be listed as “number of finished classes.” It is about 100 classes per month.
  3. Have no more than 2 teachers ‘no shows’
  4. A cancellation rate of less than 0.6% or less than 6 for 1000 classes you teach.
  5. Have more than 600 Peak Peak Time classes (between 7 and 9pm Beijing Time) taught or about 50 per month
  6. Have at least a 25% five apple feedback from all classes and the feedback must be submitted within two weeks of the class being taught.

You can check to see if you meet this criteria by clicking on Stats in your teacher portal.

The Raise

You will receive a $0.50 per class raise:

If you make between $7 to $8 in base rate, you can expect the raise if you have taught at least 1200 classes in the past year and have met at least 4 out of the other 5 criteria listed above.

If you make above $8 in base rate, you must meet all the criteria listed above.

The highest base rate a VIPKid teacher can make is $10 per class.

It isn’t easy

Needless to say, but with bonuses and incentives the pay is still very good for the industry.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post better helps you understand how to get a pay raise if you are a VIPKid teacher.

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